The Agency’s Offices

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, has affirmed on multiple occasions that supporting the capabilities of Jerusalemites and reinforcing their resilience remains contingent upon mobilizing all available financial resources to help advance human development programs in Al-Quds.

Therefore, the Agency endeavours to implement the royal directives to serve the Holy City and its people, with dedication and commitment, utilizing the available resources, through its main headquarters in Rabat.

The Kingdom of Morocco provided a fully equipped venue for the Agency in the Riad district in the capital city, Rabat, and supplied all essential services and facilities, along with an annual operational budget equivalent to $1.5 Million.


To ensure effective monitoring of activities within the Holy City, the Agency has assembled a specialized team comprising both Moroccan and Palestinian employees. This team operates within intermediary institutions, adhering to the prevailing regulations in the City. The Agency ensures their solid legal status and safeguards not only all their rights, but also those of the stakeholders engaging with it.



The Representation Office in Ramallah (West Bank) focuses on communication and coordination tasks with Palestinian official bodies, financial partner institutions, social and academic entities. It also serves as a communication interface regarding the Institution’s activities and achievements within its mandates and competencies, all aimed at serving the Al-Quds and its people.


The Agency transfromed its office in the city of Casablanca, the business capital of Africa, into a platform dedicated to the ‘Bayt Al-Mal Plus’ service. This platform focuses on communication, marketing, advocacy, and digital technologies.