Former Director General

Dr. Abdelkabir Alaoui Madghari 2006 – 2017 (May God  grant him mercy)

The late Dr. Abdelkabir Alaoui M’Daghari, born in the city in 1942 AD, was appointed as the head of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds ASharif Agency by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in April 2006;

The late Alaoui M’Daghari practiced law and served as a professor of higher education and a researcher at the Faculty of Sharia at Al Qaraouyin University in the city of Fez. Later, he became a professor at The Al-Mawlawi Institute in Rabat.

In 1985 ,His Majesty, the late King Hassan II, may God have mercy on him, appointed him as Minister of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, a position he held for over two decades.

Mr.Alaoui M’Daghari combined his studies in both law and sharia / Islamic sciences. He authored several works in religious sciences, addressing various intellectual and political issues.

Among his notable works are ‘Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi al-Ma’afiri’s ‘Al-Naskh wal-Mansukh in the Holy Quran – A Study and Verification’, ‘The Jurist Abu Ali Al-Yusi: A Model of Moroccan Thought in the Dawn of the Alaouit State’, and ‘Women Between Juridical Rulings and Advocacy for Change’, in addition to ‘God’s Shadow’ and ‘The Transitional Government: A Critical Futuristic Study’.

In addition to his intellectual and religious pursuits, the deceased was also known for his literary interests. He authored several novels, among them ‘Tawrat Zennou’ and ‘Another Science in Our Mirror’.


The First General Manager of the Agency

Ambassador Wajih Hassan Ali Qasim – Abu Marwan 1998 – 2006 (May God  grant him mercy)

After his appointment by His Majesty late Hassan II ,may Allah Have mercy on him,  Mr.Wajih Hassan Ali Qasim – Abu Marwan undertook his duties as the first General Mnager of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency after being restructured  in September 1998.

Abu Marwan was born in Palestine in 1938 and served in various representative capacities for Palestinian institutions in Morocco from 1969 until 2010. He began his career in teaching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before relocating to Algeria after the country gained its independence. It was there that he dedicated himself to political activism, collaborating closely with activist Khalil Al-Wazir (Abu Jihad).

During this period, the late Abu Marwan combined his roles as the Ambassador of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to the Kingdom of Morocco and the General Manager of the Agency.

In 1969, Abu Marwan moved to the Kingdom of Morocco where he was charged of representing the Movement before being officially appointed in 1970 as the representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Morocco. Later, he served as the Ambassador of Palestine to the Kingdom until his retirement in 2005.