General Director Resume


Abdelkebir Alaoui M’DAGHRI

Date of birth: 1942

Place of birth: Meknas

Nationality: Moroccan 

     PhD, Islamic science, Dar Al Hadeeth Al Hasanieh 

     High Diploma (Master), Islamic science, Dar Al Hadeeth Al Hasanieh

     License in law, faculty of law, Rabat

     License in Literature, Faculty of Arts and Human science, Fes.

     Baccalaureate Certificate, Al Qaraween University  

Present Assignment:
Director General, Bayt Mal Al Quds Al Shareif, under Al Quds committee chaired by His Majesty King of Morocco.
Previous Assignments:
    Minister of Waqf and Islamic Affairs for 19 years

    Professor of higher education and researcher, Al Sareah College, Al Qarween University.

    Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Human Science, Fes

    Head of curriculum and Programs Dept, Ministry of Higher Education

    Professor at Mouloy Institute (attached to the Royal Palace to educate the crown princes.

    Lecturer, several universities.
    -   Lower admitted to the Higher Council in Fes then Rabat

    -   Human Rights Advisory council

    -   National committee for educational reform

    -   Scientific Council in Fes

    -   The Higher Council for Islamic Affairs, Cairo

    -   Al Bait Academy for Islamic Thought, Jordan

    -   Moroccan Scholars Association

    -   Dar Al Hadeeth Al Hasanieh Scholars Alumni, chair of the 2d conference 

    -   The committee for revising the civic law of 1993

    -   Designated committee from ICO to set the bylaws of the international Islamic(theology) Fiqh forum  

    -   Strategic vision team for Russia and the Islamic world

    -   Chair of the fifth meeting of ministers of Islamic affairs in the Islamic countries

    -   Chair of the first meeting of the ministers of Islamic affairs in Arab Magreib countries

    -   Represent the Kingdom of Morocco in several meetings of ministers of foreign affairs within OIC and Arab league  

    -   Member in the Moroccan delegation for the Islamic summit in Kuwait, Tehran, Cairo, Dakar

    -   Member in the Moroccan delegation for AlQuds Committee in several meetings. 

Books and Researches :

      1-   “Scholar Abo Ali Alyosi a Moroccan perspective in Early Alaoui State”;

      2-   “Annasikh Walmansoukh in the holy Coran- Abu Bakr Bnu Arabi Maafiri- study and edit”;

      3-   “Women between the rule of the Sharia and the call for change”;

      4-    “The Shadow of God”;

      5-    “Zino Revolt” novel;

      6-    “The barbed government critical prospect study”.

Printed lectures: 

      1-      25 printed lectures in the opening of Al Doros Al Hassaniah, some translated to English and French, the work is under going to be gathered in one book;

      2-      Several researches and papers presented in international conferences and seminars. 


     -  Arabic

     -  French