Royal Cabinet Press Release

Posted on 06/12/2017 10:52

By  Morocco World News  -  December 5, 2017


In a telephone conversation with the President of the Palestine, Mahmoud AbbasKing Mohammed VI reaffirmed “the strong and constant solidarity of the Kingdom with the People of Palestinian in defense of their cause and their legitimate rights, especially regarding the status of Al Quds Al-Sharif,” according to a statement issued by the Royal Cabinet on the same day.

The King also expressed his strong disapproval “of any action likely to compromise the multi-confessional character of the Holy City, or alter its legal and political status.”

The two leaders agreed “to maintain direct contact and permanent consultation on the issue and to ensure close co-ordinate between the two governments, in order to jointly identify the steps and action to be taken regarding the issue.”

If the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,it would overturn 70 years of international negotiations to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

 In 1947 the United Nations declared Jerusalem as a separate “international city.” In 1980, Israel  Jerusalem as its capital, an action that was perceived as a violation of international law.

Though the recognition of Jerusalem,  Trump would fulfill Israel’s decades-long dream of legitimizing its claims to the city. However, this decision will escalate tensions between the Israeli-American alliance and the Palestinian authority as well as with other Arab nations.

“The Middle East lives in the midst of deep crises, ongoing tensions and needs to avoid anything that may exacerbate the feelings of frustration and disappointment, which constitute the premise of extremism and terrorism,” said the King in his letter to Trump.

“Morocco constantly strives for a comprehensive peace solution in the region in accordance with the principles of the international resolutions. The country does not doubt the vision of your respectable administration, nor of your personal commitment to peace and stability in the region and your firm determination to facilitate the renewal of the peace process and avoiding anything that may hinder or stop it,” he concluded.